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100% Tax relief on Air conditioning for your business!

Thanks to the extremely low running costs of our units, in both heating and cooling modes, the government are offering tax relief for the full cost of the units Including the installation, as part of their Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. What’s more this doesn’t have to be spread out over several years the full cost can be claimed against a single years taxable profit.

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Why would the government offer such a strong incentive?

Well they are under increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, so with selected models providing above 4-5kw of cooling or heating to every 1kw of electricity its not surprising they would like us to move away from less efficient forms of heating.

The incredible efficiency of these units means its highly likely they will be cheaper to run than your current heating/cooling system saving your company a good deal of money from the moment there installed.

Research has shown that as the office or Store temperature rises, so staff performance falls. Employers can see the real benefits of maintaining a comfortable environment though increased production. Retail managers will also know its a fact that the more time customers stay in a store the more they spend, naturally the more comfortable the environment the more time they will remain in your store.

The units we supply for you are stylish and include advanced air filters that will remove allergens like pollen, dust and cigarette smoke, even filtering airborne viruses and removing odours. They< are whisper quite and can also be set to dehumidify via the infrared remote controllers.

Information on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme can be found on the government website

Appliance Efficiencies

Appliance efficiencies compelled on information provided by the UK Buildings Research Establishment and Mitsubishi Air Conditioning.

Comparative Running Costs

Calculated using tariffs from British Gas Duel Fuel online (Yorkshire region) October 2005. Based upon a room requiring 12,000 Btu's for 8-hours per 24-hour period.

How it Works

Air Conditioning is so efficient as instead of generating the heat it's self like the element of an electrical fire or by burning fuel, it steals it from the air outside. The properties of the refrigerant are similar to your freezer's enabling it to remove then heat from the air even at sub zero temperatures. Though unlike your freezer, it has the ability to circulate the refrigerant in reverse thus providing heating or cooling at your will.

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